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Managed Services

Server Administration
Internet-based systems such as web, email, and database servers require 24X7X365 administration and maintenance to assure 100% uptime. Whether applying software patches for the latest security vulnerabilities, or having an experienced technician review server logs to proactively address possible reliability issues, Mediawest offers a comprehensive set of Server Administration services to make sure your mission-critical server is running all the time.

Mediawest: Managed website hosting solutions. Performance Monitoring
Whether you retain Mediawest to administer your servers or you do it yourself, Mediawest offers a full suite of monitoring tools so that you can access real-time data about the performance and status of your systems so that you are sure you are getting the results you expect. In addition to real-time monitoring, Mediawest can provide weekly, monthly and yearly reporting about the status and availability of your servers. These reports can be combined with custom service level guarantees so that you only pay for the services if they are provided within the standards you require.

Firewall Management
A fundamental aspect of any Internet security strategy is prevention. There are many procedures that must be followed to prevent security breaches from affecting your website/server. The first would be regular Server Administration, primarily in the application of timely security updates for the Operating System. A second layer of prevention is deploying a firewall appliance to control Internet access to your website/server. Based on an objective evaluation of your unique requirements, Mediawest can specify, deploy, and maintain this crucial aspect of your security strategy.

Intrusion Detection
Even the most well-designed and maintained Internet security systems are not 100% secure. If a hacker is able to penetrate your website/server, there must be a system in place to detect the intrusion. The generic or "one-size-fits-all" approach to intrusion detection offered by many website hosting companies is no match for the sophistication of contemporary Internet attacks. Mediawest offers Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) from both third-party vendors as well as proprietary systems developed from our many years of experience in this area of Internet security.

Network Backups
A comprehensive website/server management strategy will include several important features such as ongoing maintenance procedures and preventative security policies. Another important aspect of a properly managed website/server is disaster recovery. In a worst case scenario in which all of your important data is lost, the procedures you have in place should ensure a complete and expeditious recovery of your data. Mediawest provides the experience, expertise and resources to make sure your data is backed up on multiple media types as well as multiple locations (offsite). This ensures 100% availability of any data which may need to be recovered due to a disaster scenario.

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