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Data Center Evaluation/Deployment
As the outsourcing of data center services becomes more economically and technically beneficial, companies with web hosting requirements beyond one or several colocated web servers are faced with the daunting task of evaluating which third-party data centers offer the best solution for their particular requirements. Mediawest's many years of experience working and contracting with data centers all over the world has allowed us to create a comprehensive evaluation protocol which includes factors such as bandwidth and connectivity, power requirements, security procedures and managed technology services. And once our evaluation has yielded a data center solution specific to your needs, Mediawest can also manage the deployment of that solution in the data center(s).

Mediawest: Managed website hosting solutions. Technology Platform Consulting
Unlike desktop or traditional client-server applications, Internet-based applications have unique requirements derived from the standards-based protocols that govern Internet functionality. The technology platform that you use to design and deploy your Internet application will depend on many factors. Whether you choose a proprietary platform such as Microsoft Windows, or an open-source solution such as Linux, Mediawest has the depth of knowledge and experience to determine the best-suited technology platform for your technology requirements.

Security/Vulnerability Scans and Audits
Your website/server deployment and maintenance is made up of many different factors which contribute to the overall security of your systems. Server administration, security patch updates, firewall configuration and a host of other factors will determine your system's "exposure" to the latest vulnerabilities and exploits which hackers can use to gain unauthorized access to your system. By using the same types of scanning software used by hackers to probe your system, Mediawest can provide you with a comprehensive report of how your system appears to intruders outside on the Internet. These reports show all ports that are open on your system and any vulnerabilities that may be associated with those ports. In this way you can proactively discover and fix any vulnerabilities before they are expoloited.

Domain Name Service Consulting
Although it is probably the least known of the standard Internet protocols like Web and Email, Domain Name Service (DNS) is the technical backbone on which virtually the entire Internet depends. Due to the refinement of existing DNS systems and protocols, basic DNS service is highly reliable and therefore mostly invisible to the average user. However, for those companies with websites/servers that provide mission critical services, the DNS system which underpins those services must be correctly designed, deployed and maintained for uninterrupted service. Mediawest has over a decade of experience designing and maintaining DNS systems and can design a new system for your enterprise, or evaluate your current DNS system for optimum performance and reliability.

Website Analytics
Having invested the time and capital to design, deploy and maintain a secure and reliable website/server, the final challenge is to measure the return you get from that investment. Website analytics allow you to track and measure the visitors to your website, and develop metrics which will define the success of that website. Going beyond just "website statistics", web analytics allow you to define goals for your website, and then measure how often you reach those goals. Mediawest can evaluate your unique needs in this area and recommend the best web analytics solution available based on our many years of experience with this technology.

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